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Telo, Banyak and Simeulue Islands


It’s no secret that Sumatra’s offshore islands are home to plenty of waves. Situated between Nias and the the Mentawai Islands, the Banyak (Many) and Telo islands receive the same southern hemisphere winter swells and dry season winds as their more famous neighbours. They’re also home to dozens of world class set ups.

Lying in the shadow of the Mentawais, there are fewer charter boats and land based resorts operating in both the Banyak and Telo Island chains. This translates into fewer surfers in the water.

Although these islands haven’t been as highly publicised as the other Sumatran islands, the region boasts several excellent and consistent breaks. In the Banyaks Machine Guns is the wave of choice for many – a long barrelling right with multiple tube sections. The Bay or Plenty also features on any visiting surfer’s hitlist.

The Telos is more of an unknown and some of the glamour waves here have been kept deliberately quiet by those that have visited. But almost everyone returns from a surf trip here with big grins. There are some excellent resorts and boats that ply these waters, all of which are owned and run by Indonesian surfing veterans. There’s a good reason they choose to call this part of the world home.


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