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Banyak Island Lodge

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The only land based place to stay and surf in the Banyak Islands! Banyak Island Lodge offer the best access to the regions many perfect waves and secrets. A 10 guest maximum guarantees uncrowded perfection.

Located just off the west coast of North Sumatra in the province of Aceh are the Banyak Islands. The close proximity to the mainland allows for easy access to the finest uncrowded surfing location in Indonesia. Situated in the Bay of Plenty surrounded by lush tropical rainforest and palm trees lies the Banyak Island Lodge. The Lodge offers access to several world class waves, and a multitude of other high quality secret spots.

Banyak Island Lodge which has been built on privately owned land and consists of two large natural wooden buildings constructed of all local materials, preserving the island style vibe.

The main lodge and adjoining terrace are where the most of the beers and barrel stories go down. It consists of a kitchen, large dining + buffet tables, lounges + tv area, and sunset party terrace. The floor plan and seating offers plenty of room to sprawl out, eat, play cards, and relax away from the stress of working life.

The Banyaks offer a wide range of surf suitable for all levels, styles and ages. Banyak Island Lodge is the only land-based surf camp in the Banyak Islands, offering unparalleled access and knowledge to over 10 waves in the region

Fishing in the Banyak Islands is nothing short of sensational. You can expect to catch such species as wahoo, giant trevally, tuna, spanish mackerel, barracuda, dolphin fish (mahi mahi), sail fish etc. All fishing tackle is provided in the package.


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